1st Responders… Not Ambulance Chasers

True, anyone who targets individuals or families after they’ve lost a loved one in death, for the purpose of financial gain, is an “ambulance chaser”. Unfortunately, this is a sad truth about some in the real estate industry.  However, being in real estate for financial gain alone is not wrong, but when the target is someone who has filed a probate application and is vulnerable, well not only is that disrespectful, rude, and inconsiderate… it’s unethical!

I am one who targets such ones, but not for the reasons mentioned earlier. I am a Certified Probate Specialist. This means that aside from also doing traditional real estate transactions, I specialize in probates. This is important because for those that I am able to help… not only do I offer professional guidance and assistance, but I also allow them to grieve with less stress or no stress at all. I know what they feel and what they’re going through. I aim to help them the way I’d want to be helped. I do this as early as I can in efforts to help save the Estate hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in expenses.

Does this mean selling real estate too? Maybe… but this isn’t even a conversation we’re having yet. Sometimes there’s no real estate to sell, other times they’ve decided to keep it in the family. That doesn’t take away from the fact that they still need help. There’s a lot to do in the beginning of probate before that conversation is had. If there’s an attorney already involved and is not the Administrator, the Personal Representative (PR) is going to need some “hand-holding”. They have to inform and close Military, government, and financial accounts among some. They’ll need an inventory account of the “personal items”, a condition and value reports of the real estate, and if it’s in need of repairs or heavy cleaning, does the family or the Estate have the funds to get it done.

Now we can have that conversation. Why now? Well, for three reasons…first, they may not have had the authorization to sell the real estate from the court yet. Second, there may not be any funds available to pay off the debt owed by the Estate, and third… there may be some quarreling among the heirs and beneficiaries. This places undue pressure & stress on the PR. Now we can explain how the sale of real estate may be necessary.


So, to emphasize again, I am a 1st responder… not an ambulance chaser. If you or someone you know is having a difficult time with the probate process… give me a call or “click here” and let me know.