For Sale By Owner

As a real estate professional, I admire your willingness to try and sell your own property. I well know the work that has to go into preparing, marketing, scheduling, and negotiating a transaction. For me, selling real estate is a career… not a hobby. Some of the things you might want to consider are:

1. Am I going to make request repairs or improvements or, am I going to sell it as-is?”

2. Will I accept cash offers only, or will I accept financing?

3. If I accept financing, which ones will I accept? Owner Financing, Sub-2, Wrap…?

4. Will you consider Owner Financing, what are the terms?

5. How much time will I give it before seeking professional help to sell my house?

Some For Sale By Owners (FSBO) have been successful in selling their own homes. Recent stats from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) show that while some For Sale By Owner properties sold quicker than an agent-assisted home, often it was because the home was sold to someone the seller knew. One important note to consider here is that they also netted far less than if they would have used a professional.

Should I “For Sale By Owner”?

I write this not to discourage you but to consider your options well, the decision you make will affect both you and your family. Not only should you consider what you might NET without the aid of a professional, but other important factors like; how long will it take me to sell, how far-reaching is my marketing, if I have a full-time job, will I be available when the buyers come,  and who am I really allowing into my home where my family is? I invite you to watch this short video message which may give you a different perspective.  In addition, I’ve got information that may prove useful to you, and I’ll be happy to pass it along. Simply tell me where to send it to you.