Fun Fact About J. “Diego” Marin

A Fun Fact vid especially for my closest friends & colleagues. “DIEGO” is just one of the names derived from the name “JIMMY or JAMES”. So how did “Diego” come about?

My given name is Jimmy… Jimmy Jaramillo Marin. My childhood friends and family generally call me Jim or Jimbo. So why do I go by “Diego”?

Well, the switch happened several years ago, around 2005. Back then I was marketing to the Hispanic market exclusively. The problem I found is that people couldn’t relate to me because my name didn’t “sound” like someone they could talk to in their native tongue. In Spanish, the letter “J” is pronounced like an “H”. So for those who actually attempted to say my name… would either say “Himmy” or “Yimmy”, neither of which I liked.
There is no “J” sound in Spanish.

I’ve been called “Jaime” by some, but it still wasn’t to my liking. It was too common for me. I knew there were different variances to the name in Spanish, so I began to research it. The most popular were Santiago, Diego and of course Jaime. I chose “Diego” and began to market myself as “Diego Marin”. This also involved some legal formalities because I do business using this alias.

But either way… whether you know me as “Jimmy, Jim, Jimbo or Diego” I hope you think of me when you have a real estate need. Please remember to also refer me to your friends.

Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!