You, Probate and COVID-19

COVID-19 has altered many businesses today including the courts. You may be concerned about what can be done to move forward with the probate process, in spite of this pandemic. Even if your attorney says “wait until you hear from them” …you’re right to think that you can and should be doing something. Sitting idled doing nothing can cost the Estate $100s if not $1000s.

There are many things the Personal Representative can accomplish with minimal or no contact at all. In reference to the real estate portion; is it in disrepair? Will you need to make adjustments to the type of insurance coverage it has? Will you need to sell it or do you plan on renting it? Who all has keys to the property?

Your attorney will handle the legal things of probate, but what about all the non-legal responsibilities you as the Executor have? Let’s have a brief conversation about what it is we do to help you through this process.